Chapter 1 / Collective Features

OCIN x Mattress Recycling

Words and interview by: Courtney Chew


We believe that together we can achieve and do things with more impact than if we were to do everything on our own. At OCIN we are so proud and humbled by our partnerships and relationships that educate us to make better choices and inspire initiatives that we do together.


We want to make it easy for you to give back to the community as well and so we collaborated with Mattress Recycling - the first and largest mattress recycling company in Western Canada. For every old suit that you no longer have the use for, send it back to us and we will ensure that it is disposed of correctly and in a way that protects our earth and our planet. The nylons will be recycled and regenerated into new nylon yarns. To learn about the process of recycling with us, please read our About us section.


We sat down with Co-Founder and CEO of Mattress Recycling, Fabio Scaldaferri to chat all things Mattress Recycling. Take a read below. 

OCIN: Tell us a bit about the mission behind Mattress Recycling and why you started this company.


FS: Our mission is to recover and re-use as many materials and components from the items that we accept for recycling, in the most environmentally responsible way possible! Our plant uses 100% clean BC electricity, even our forklifts.


OCIN: Walk us through the process of recycling the nylons that will come from the suits that we give you.


FS: The suit materials will be recovered through an industry partner who re-manufactures new materials from old ones. 


OCIN: How does protecting the earth and the environment fit into the processes that you set up within your company (ie. the machines you use, the location of your facilities, etc.)


FS: Efficiency is key at Mattress Recycling. We use only the best equipment, LED lighting, energy saving practices, and clean vehicles such as our 2018 Nissan Leaf. We try our best to avoid the use of fossil fuels to stay clean and green. 


OCIN: Tell us something that you’re excited about, regarding your company initiatives and projects that you support, that we might not be aware of.


FS: We want to trial a toothbrush return-and-recycling project with Hacker Spaces, a local company. 

Collaboration, community involvement, innovation – these are all major driving forces.

OCIN: What impact do you want to create on your community and beyond.


FS: Collaboration, community involvement, innovation - these are all major driving forces. We are also a Certified Living Wage Employer.


OCIN: You’ve mentioned ocean plastics - share a little bit about how you would want to be a part of this movement towards protecting our oceans?


FS: We have equipment that can process ocean plastics. It’s a lot to get into, but feel free to reach out and let’s get the discussion going.


OCIN: What does being your most open, free and positively impactful self mean to you? And how do you feel that this feeling can help change, shift or shape our collective future?


FS: Balance, love and taking your responsibilities seriously. 

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